About Director

Mahnaz (May) Edalat is Director/Owner of Art Prodigy, and founder of the Art Prodigy Program. May is an accomplished art instructor with 25 years of experience as an independent fine artist. May is interested in the welfare of children. She has studied child development and child psychology as they relate to artistic training and self-expression. She is a proponent of Howard Gardner’s work on “multiple intelligences” and has witnessed the positive affect that training in art can have on young minds. May is the mother of two children, and a contributing member of the East Cobb community in Georgia. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of London, England; and received her Master’s Degree training from University of Cardiff in Wales, England.
She is now in the process of writing and illustrating creative, beautiful books that convey the positive, self-affirming messages essential to the development of healthy psychology in children. The stories she creates are elemental, and readily shared and understood by people of all ages. Below are examples of her own beautiful artwork